About Us

Mr & Mrs Maharaj started Flame Gas & Welding Supplies in August,1995, in McKenzie street, Dundee. After a year in the business we bought the premises at 46 Wilson street Dundee. We have 5 vehicles which are used to deliver of our merchandise. We deliver throughout Kwa- Zulu-Natal. We employ a staff of 6 men which have been trained by rural metro of Pietermaritzburg.

The firm has a bulk tank for storage of L.P Gas.

Cylinder filling is done by our trained staff

In order to supply quality products we supply mainly products from Afrox. Everything we do is based on integrity, honesty and equality.


About the Gasses


Odorless, will not burn, but supports and accelerates combustion.

  • In combination with a fuel gas like acetylene, hydrogen or LPG, it is used in welding, cutting, brazing, hardening, flame cleaning and heating.
  • Oxygen is used in the manufacture of steel, glass, methanol synthesis gas etc.



Acetylene is a highly flammable colorless gas.

  • Acetylene is the best fuel gas for welding, straightening, bending, forming, hardening or tempering.



Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, gas containing approximately 79% by volume of air. It is nonflammable and will not support combustion. Nitrogen is supplied in cylinders as a high-pressure gas.

Argo shield 5

Is an Argon/Oxygen/CO2 gas blend for MIG welding. Provides good welding performances across a wide range of applications.

  • Can be used on a mild steel section.
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications form light to medium plate fabrication, structural steel works, bridgework, vehicle manufacture and general fabrication.
  • Suitable for pipe and tube joining.


Sound and lighting

For the past forty years Indian music has become a passion. We have performed in major live shows in South Africa, I am also busy recording my own 3 Cd’s for which lyrics and music have been Done in Mumbai India.

Because of the music sound became a necessity. now we have sound and stage lighting suitable
for +- 1000 people, and we are capable of supplying the sound and lighting for any function/event etc.



•Sound system and stage lighting hire.

•Music for Indian functions (devotional and romantic type songs etc.) sorry no chutney.

•Sales of speakers, amplifiers, mixers, eq.s, echo units, microphones etc.

•Make cables for speakers, mikes, C.D players etc.